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Welcome to the Delta Chi Fraternity at Georgia Tech!


My name is Tyler McCrary and I am the current President of the Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the homepage of our fraternity's website. We hope the resources on this webpage are able to help you learn more about us and our brotherhood.

We believe that our fraternity transcends the stereotype of fraternities and serves as a model for how valuable a fraternity experience can be. Through a close association with exceptional brothers, our members are able to develop personally during their time as undergraduates. As a chapter we pride ourselves in the way in which our members make the most of their undergraduate experiences by balancing academics, social lives, and leadership involvements.

The core values of our chapter are derived from our four founding principles that were created here at Georgia Tech from our very own founding fathers: academics come first, chivalry is not dead, friends are always welcome, and no hazing. These principles serve as the foundation of our chapter and they hold our diverse chapter together and inform our future direction.

It is difficult to capture the full scope of our brotherhood, but I hope you find the resources on this page helpful in explaining our chapter. Incoming freshman, parents, students, and alumni please explore our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Also don’t be afraid to drop by and visit us.

In the Bond,
Tyler McCrary

General Wellness Resolution

We would like to announce that our chapter just passed a General Wellness Resolution. Mental health is a major issue across college campuses, and we are coming together to assist in improving our brothers' health and happiness.

General Wellness Resolution
Georgia Tech Delta Chi


Mental health is a major issue across college campuses, particularly at Georgia Tech. As a fraternity, the Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity will come together to support our brothers and assist in improving their health and happiness. We will achieve this through education, restructuring and adaptation of programs, and a new emphasis on involvement in mental health initiatives on campus and in the Atlanta community.


Using the unique bond and values that we share as a fraternity we resolve to do the following:

  • Empower brothers to seek help for themselves and one another
  • Deride the stigma of mental health and its association with weakness in masculine culture
  • Incorporate general wellness and mental health as one of the developmental aspects of the fraternity

We do this out of care for one another and through the strength that is found in our brotherhood. We also acknowledge that we as a fraternity have a unique ability to hold each other accountable and provide assistance to those in need.

Among the basic expectations of the Delta Chi Fraternity are the expectations that we will protect the health and safety of all human beings and will exercise compassion and understanding in dealing with all persons. We resolve to abide by these expectations and we will also challenge one another to strive beyond them.

The Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity will approach the idea of mental health and wellness without regard and with consideration for race, religion, gender, and orientation.

Through every idea, action, and initiative, the Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity and its members will lead locally and nationally to promote mental and physical well-being within the community.

Dance Marathon 2015

Congratulations to For The Kids at Georgia Tech for becoming the first Georgia Tech student organization to raise over $100,000! FTK raised $106,352.42 thanks to the efforts of the following Delta Chi brothers: Executive Board members Karthik Nathan, Shahzar Mirza, and Jack Crawford; FTK Committee members Austin Brooks, Austin Beacham, David Rojo, Matthew Gilkenson, Robert Griffith, and Deron Mai. In addition, 21 Delta Chi's signed up and attended Dance Marathon as dancers. Delta Chi is damn proud of the hard work its brothers put into leading and serving the community!

Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club

We had a great time doing trail work with the Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club today! Thanks to the 27 Brothers and AMs who came and helped out this morning!

Congratulations to Our Newest Brothers!

Today 13 men joined into our Bond! Congratulations and welcome to the Brotherhood of a Lifetime!

Fall 2014 Homecoming


My name is Ruben Conn, and I am the Homecoming Co-chair for Delta Chi this fall. Homecoming is a cornerstone of Georgia Tech Delta Chi and a competition that we always strive to win. This year we are very excited to invite all of our Alumni to come out to celebrate our Homecoming! You can enjoy some great food and brotherhood. We have a low country broil planned for our tailgate and we will be going over the plans for our new house! These two very exciting things will culminate in the main event, #22 Yellow Jackets taking on the Virginia Cavaliers. If Brotherhood wasn’t enough, I’m sure some (hopefully still) undefeated football from your Alma Mater will entice you to come out and relax with your brothers. The undergraduates, as per usual, will be kicking off festivities at 8am. The alumni program will start about 90 minutes before kickoff. In that time food will be served and we will present on chapter achievements and the new house plans. I hope to see you all there!

In the Bond,
Ruben Conn
Homecoming Co-chair

Fall 2014 Brotherhood Retreat


My name is Kevin Vinson, and I am the current Brotherhood Chair of the Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity. Two weeks ago, our chapter continued its long standing tradition of having an organized brotherhood week. We started off brotherhood week strong by hosting an event at SkyZone in Roswell, GA, where AMs and Brothers bonded over trampoline dodgeball as well as other fun activities. We continued our week by hosting a sports day for Brothers and AMs, and later supported our brothers at a pivotal intramural flag-football game. Tuesday night, members gathered to play poker, smoke cigars, and bond with each other in the courtyard between our two houses.

We ended our week of brotherhood by holding a Brotherhood Retreat at Hard Labor Creek State Park, in Rutledge, GA. Members who attended spent the weekend playing board games, swimming, playing soccer, and participated in our Semi-Annual Brotherhood Football game; pitting the brothers against the NIBs and AMs. As per usual, the Brothers came out on top, despite the AMs and NIBs best efforts, winning the game 58-0, keeping their long-standing claim to the Brotherhood Football Trophy. Because of their valiant efforts and determination, Nick Chang and Tim Lee were named Co-MVPs.

Brotherhood Retreat provides members with an isolated atmosphere to bond with their brothers and connect on a deeper level. It also provides the chapter a chance to reflect on the state of the chapter, create an updated vision for the chapter, and set goals for the upcoming semester. This retreat featured an excellent goal setting session, led by our G, David MacPherson, as well as an amazing dinner cooked by our A, Tyler McCrary. Shout-out to those two guys for helping to make this Brotherhood Retreat a success.

I think I speak for all of our members when saying, it’s weekends like this that truly make me Damn Proud to be a Delta Chi.

In the Bond,
Kevin Vinson
Brotherhood Chair

Fall 2014 Rush

A new semester brings a new Associate Member class! We're excited to have 16 members in the AM class of Fall 2014! We can't wait to see them become leaders both in Delta Chi and on campus!

Delta Chi International Convention

This past week Tyler McCrary and myself had the pleasure of serving as Georgia Tech chapter delegates to the 59th International Convention of the Delta Chi Fraternity in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was an incredible four days full of meeting brothers from around the country (and world), meetings, workshops, elections, and debates on Delta Chi Law.

The Georgia Tech chapter was honored with several awards at the convention.

  • Excellence in: Alumni Relations, Involvement, Manpower, Scholarship
  • Achievement in: Advising and Governance, Financial Management, Housing, Member Education
  • Community Impact Award
  • Award of Excellence Red Division
  • Outstanding Chapter Advisor: Alumnus Taylor Owens
  • Marge Lee Outstanding "C": Brother Jordan Avery

In addition to the local awards, Delta Chi International honored Brothers Rick Welts (Washington '75) and Tim Crown (Kansas '86) with the Delta Chi of the Year awards for 2013 and 2014, respectively. We are also proud to recognize Brother Russ Driscoll (Florida '57) as this year's Convention Honoree for his lifetime of service to the Fraternity.

Lastly, we are proud to report the adoption of a resolution by the Delta Chi Fraternity that we stand against any and all forms of sexual harassment, violence, or assault. Delta Chi is the first international fraternity to adopt such a resolution, the Georgia Tech chapter is proud to support this historic measure.

We hope to see you all in 2016 at the 60th Convention in Louisville, Kentucky!

In the Bond,
Connor Zendt '15

NIC Chapter Award of Distinction

With this semester rapidly coming to a close and the approach of a new executive board, we'd like to thank this year's executive board, the officers in particular, for helping our chapter win our third North-American Interfraternity Conference Chapter Award of Distinction! The NIC annually presents the Chapter Award of Distinction to five chapters which are "highly functioning, in compliance with NIC Standards, seek to educate others about the benefits of a values based fraternity experience, and work to maintain a healthy relationship with their inter/national organization." The Georgia Tech Delta Chi chapter is the only chapter to have received this award three times, and we are immensely honored and humbled by it.

Brotherhood Retreat Spring 2014

This past weekend, our chapter continued our tradition of holding brotherhood retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the location of our chapter's first retreat. Brothers and AMs who made the journey up to the cabin spent the weekend bonding over board games, ping pong, and the semiannual brotherhood football game. Despite the best efforts of the AMs and NIBs (shoutout to MVP Trent Keatley), the brothers kept their unbroken claim over the brotherhood football trophy.

As always, brotherhood retreat provided an opportunity for the members of our chapter to connect with each other on a deeper level and to reflect on and steer the direction of the chapter for the coming semester through an excellent goal setting session run by our G, Sid Sinha. Our brotherhood chair, Connor Zendt, also deserves a shoutout for running an overall successful and fun retreat.

MLK Day of Service

This past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a group of brothers and AMs spent the morning of their holiday volunteering for various non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area, including Trees Atlanta, the Gateway Center, and the Center for Pan Asian Community Services as part of Georgia Tech's MLK Day of Service initiative. The Day of Service is a national movement which encourages people to spend their day off helping their local communities, in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our very own Member-At-Large, Sid Sinha, chaired the MLK Day of Service committee responsible for planning and coordinating the event, and brothers Nikhil George and Dillon Roseen served as project leaders for Trees Atlanta.

Spring Rush 2014

After an incredibly successful spring rush, it is with great pleasure that we welcome 16 new Associate Members to our chapter. This is one of the largest spring AM classes that we have had, and we look forward to having them in our chapter!

TeamBUZZ 2013

On Saturday, October 26th, a large group of brothers and AM's participated in TEAMBuzz, a campus-wide community service event at various locations around Atlanta. There were also many brothers serving on the TEAMBuzz Executive Committee. Projects included park cleanups, Salvation Army Center landscaping, and an Autism Center cleanup. The event was a huge success and gave us crucial homecoming points on our way to another homecoming victory!

In the Bond,
Karthik Nathan
Community Service and Campus Involvement Chair

Service Mixer with Alpha Phi

On Saturday, September 28th, 7 Delta Chi brothers/AMs and 7 Alpha Phi sisters woke up at 8:00 AM, and drove 30 miles to volunteer their time at the Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship. The horse farm is dedicated to providing meaningful horsemanship experiences for mentally handicapped children. Our tasks included walking alongside the riders as they took lessons, learning how to groom horses, and cleaning all of the stalls and barns. I'd like to thank T-Bo Yang, Matt Waples, Evan Reed, Alex Davidson, Charlie Bryant, and Terry Ma for showing their dedication to community service so early in the morning! I'm looking forward to many more successful service events and mixers!

In the Bond,
Karthik Nathan
Community Service and Campus Involvement Chair

Kennesaw Mountain

On Saturday, September 14th, 43 brothers and associate members woke up early and drove half an hour to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to work on improving the park's trails with the Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club. The project lasted from 8:30AM until noon and mainly involved building two bridges to cross creeks along a portion of the trail. The project was a huge success and the trail will be soon be used by hikers, runners, and even horseback riders! Thank you to all of the brothers and AM's who sacrificed their Saturday morning sleep to make a lasting impact on the community!

In the Bond,
Karthik Nathan
Community Service and Campus Involvement Chair

Fall 2013 Rush

A new semester brings a new Associate Member class! We're excited to have 22 members in the AM class of Fall 2013, and to see where these future leaders go within Delta Chi and throughout campus.

Rush Scholarship

Rush scholarship is live once again! The Delta Chi Rush Scholarship is a unique experience for rising Tech students to demonstrate their drive and passion for the things they do. The winner is awarded $500 to be used for college expenses. To apply, fill out this form no later than Sunday, July 20th at 3:00PM.

Greek Week Tug 2013

Congratulations to this year's Delta Chi Tug Team for their performance in yesterday's Greek Week event. Their months of training and drive really shone as they fought off team after team in the mud pit and pulled their way to third place. Through their experiences, they learned what it meant to be part of a close team and how hard work pays off in the long run. Great work guys and good luck in years to come!

Regional Leadership Conference

While their fellow fraternity members were at brotherhood retreat, brothers Jordan Avery and Harrison Bartlett attended this year's Regional Leadership Conference for Region VIII in Gainesville, Florida. The main events, hosted at the University of Florida, took up the entire Saturday with many breakout sessions, general meetings, and meals with other Delta Chi. Of the held events, they attended the Alumni Relations, How to Run a Committee, Man Power, Involvement, and Scholarship sessions, hoping to use the knowledge they earned to help improve the chapter as they take over as chapter officers in the upcoming year.

2013 Brotherhood Retreat

Delta Chi held it's first brotherhood retreat of the year back in good ol' Gatlinburg Tennessee, where they spent their time up on a mountain playing games and catching up with one another. While the AMs and NIBs put up a great effort this season (honorable mentions to David Zisek, Erik Roming, and Nick Zambetti), the brothers won the first brotherhood football trophy, which will be passed down through future generations of Georgia Tech Delta Chi.

The retreat also provided a great opportunity for the new members to understand what being a part of the Delta Chi brotherhood was all about, as the chapter discussed internal issues and steps for moving closer to the goals set at the last retreat.

Special thanks to the brotherhood co-chairs Sid Sinha and Salim Choueiki for putting on the event!

Spring Rush 2013

This past week we had a very successful spring rush despite inclement weather and low rush attendance across campus. We have 11 brand new Associate Members that we believe will be future leaders of both Delta Chi and on campus.

Community Service Mixer with Alpha Phi

On Saturday, 12/1, members of Delta Chi drove to Belmont Hills Elementary and volunteered their time tutoring children with the neighboring Georgia Tech sorority, Alpha Phi, in conjunction with the Discover Program through Hands on Atlanta. Ten members along with six girls from Alpha Phi worked with children from kindergarten through 2nd grade. They led the children through a craft time (in which they made Christmas-themed crafts), a recreational free time, and through an educational time in which they learned math.

2012 Brotherhood Retreat

Delta Chi held their fall brotherhood retreat at Unicoi State Park in Helen, Georgia. This retreat was a bit different than the rest in that they braved the elements of the North Georgia mountains in November, and slept outside in squirrel's nests. This "roughing it" style turned out to be a great success, as all the brothers enjoyed working together to build a huge bond fire for warmth and hanging out and playing cards by the fire late into the night. The brothers once again emerged victorious after the traditional "Brothers vs. AM's and NIB's" football game. Additionally, they held a very beneficial goal-setting, where they discussed the direction of the fraternity as a whole, focusing on winning Dean Dull (the award for best fraternity on campus) next year, after finishing just second this year.

All in all, it was an awesome time and everyone had a really great weekend full of bonding, fun, and memories. It truly reminded them how lucky they were to be part of such an amazing fraternity, and will continue to be one of their favorite DX events of the semester for years to come.

Jimmy V Pig Roast!

This year, Delta Chi set up a pit and roasted a 150lb pig in order to raise proceeds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Brothers stayed up all night watching the pig and enjoyed the sweet taste of success (and lunch) the next day, having raised over $1000 for the charity.

Fall 2012 Rush!

Delta Chi experienced a great rush this year! We brought in 20 fantastic new associate members and the brother's enjoyed being able to bond while rushing them. Look forward to more information coming to you soon about summer rush!

Georgia Tech Chapter wins President's Cup!

This past Wednesday, brothers from the Georgia Tech chapter made the trip to Pittsburg for the biannual Delta Chi National Convention. In addition to the advice and experiences passed down from other chapters, the Georgia Tech chapter was presented its 17th Presidents Cup since its founding in 1990. Brothers are honored to once again be recognized by Headquarters for the chapter's achievements. A warm congratulations to all of the brothers who made it possible and for keeping traditions alive. Way to go, guys!

Welcome new Alumni

Congratulations, alumni! In the spring, Delta Chi said goodbye to 25 graduates as they set off to pursue further achievement all across the globe. Some brothers will be attending top-tier graduate schools such as Yale, MIT, GT, and Emory in the Fall, while others set off to work all over the country in Washington D.C., Ohio, Tennessee, and Atlanta. In addition, recent graduate, Christopher Quintero, will be flying out to Vietnam to work on a startup company, "Mekong Green Touch," along with fellow DX alumni, Marc Pare. We are so proud of everything that they have contributed to Georgia Tech and our chapter, and we cannot wait to hear back about their latest adventures!

Georgia Tech Chapter wins 16th President’s Cup!

The Georgia Tech Chapter is pleased to announce the winning of its 16th President’s Cup this year. Chapter officers and members alike were excited to be recognized by Delta Chi Headquarters with this prestigious award. The chapter was also recognized for excellence in: Advising and Governance, Alumni Relations, Financial Management, Housing, Involvement, Member Education, Scholarship, Outstanding Chapter Advisor, and Outstanding Chapter Programming. The chapter’s “C” from 2010, Young Kim, was also recognized for individual leadership. Congratulations brothers!

Delta Chi hosts annual Wreck the Deck Party!

Georgia Tech students from all around campus were able to enjoy Delta Chi’s biggest party of the year at the annual “Wreck the Deck” party. Although the deck was, fortunately, not wrecked this year – it was definitely a full house. “Lucky Town” was invited to play 80’s and 90’s music throughout the evening. We were also lucky to have many members of the Delta Chi Kennesaw Chapter in attendance. Thanks for a great weekend.

Georgia Tech Chapter celebrates its 20th Chartering Banquet

The 20th year since our chartering has presented one of best reasons for the chapter to celebrate. For two decades, the brothers of the Georgia Tech chapter have experience an uncommon bond that can be found in no other place. The current active undergraduate brothers were pleased to welcome back alumni from across the United States, including many of the chapter’s Founding Fathers. We also took the opportunity to open the 20th time capsule and revel in the numerous (and sometimes bizarre) memories it contained. A job well done in maintaining a strong chapter for the last 20 years! We look forward to many years to come.

Delta Chi wins Homecoming 2010!

For the third consecutive time, the Delta Chi chapter has placed 1st overall in the 2010 Homecoming Competition. This involved stellar performance in many key events like Mock Rock, Contraption, Assassins and more! We also received a great deal of points from spectator attendance, a feat that really took effort on the part of the whole chapter in coming out to support the brotherhood’s competitions. Congratulations to brothers Sam Morgan and Lishan Mu for coordinating the Homecoming events.

Robert Ellis is Mr. Georgia Tech in 2009!

Brother Robert Ellis was recognized this year by the student body and the Institute as Mr. Georgia Tech. This honor is given to only one male student each year who displays the true characteristics of a Georgia Tech man. He was awarded this honor at the homecoming football game, amid cheers from current undergraduate brothers who had nominated him and alumni who had gathered for the traditional event. Ms. Georgia Tech was awarded to Kaitlyn Frazier, an Alpha Delta Pi, and a friend of the chapter. Well done!


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